Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

polycarbonate companyPertho Engineers is a leading Multiwall polycarbonate  sheets provider company in PAN India. Multiwall polycarbonate is a lightweight product that is used in the construction market to lower building expenses while guaranteeing compliance with loading requirements.
A crucial feature of polycarbonate is its openness. Multiwall polycarbonate enhances day lighting when incorporated right into roofing systems, walls, and skylights. It develops an extra comfy ambiance while additionally guaranteeing excellent thermal insulation. Polycarbonate could be appropriately tinted to regulate light transmission, maximize shielding and thus minimize overheating inside the building. Colored pigments are used to achieve pleasant color effects to please the most requiring aesthetic and building requirements.

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Impact Strength

Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet has outstanding impact efficiency over a broad temperature level array, from -40 oC to 120oC, and after prolonged exterior direct exposure.

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UV Resistance

The exclusive UV-protected surface of Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet supplies premium resistance to outside weathering. This unique protection assists to stop staining of sensitive material such as fabrics or other organic materials positioned under or behind Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet glazing in, for instance, a manufacturing facility storehouse, gallery, or shopping center.

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Fire Test Performance

Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet could use extremely excellent fire resistance as well as excellent warmth security. Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets is a high-performance UV coating to our exterior surface to make certain ideal efficiency under extended direct exposure to the harshest sunshine. Our items are likewise third-party checked and also licensed for sped up weathering.

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Thermal Insulation

The framework of multi-wall sheet offers considerable advantages where thermal insulation is a major factor to consider. The hollow type offers excellent insulation features with warmth losses considerably below mono-wall glazing products.

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Sound Insulation

The audio insulation features of a product are mainly pre-determined by its rigidity, mass and also physical construction. Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet could offer great insulation with 24dB maximum accessible audio.