Miscellaneous Characteristics of Polycarbonate Sheets

Temperature level Resistance
The warm accumulation of glazing products can be seen as a function of the solar energy absorption of the glazing material and the solar intensity.

In nations with intense sunlight radiation, when high power soaking up tinted glazing is mounted, heat build-up of the glazing can be significant. Estimations and actual dimensions on installed Thermoclear sheet in numerous projects throughout Europe have revealed that sheet surface area temperatures of 100 ° C can exist.

Dimensional Stability
Thermclear sheet is characterized by its superb retention of impact stamina and tightness at elevated temperatures, even over an extended period.

Thermoclear sheet preserves 85% of its space temperature flexural modulus at 80 - C.

Continious use Temperature level - UL Scores
The U.S.A. Underwriters Laboratories continuous use temperature score can be thought about as a reliable sign of a thermoplastic's long-term heat performance. The most vital residential or commercial properties of the thermoplastic are examined at various temperatures. Test results are theorized over a duration of Ten Years as well as no residential property might shed more than 50% of its initial worth. Table 7 lays out the UL-continuous usage temperatures of common thermoplastic glazing products.

Thermoclear sheet has a continues-use temperature level of 100 - C. At the various other en of the range the minimum continues-use temperature level has actually been evaluated -40 - C. Nonetheless, utilizing Thermoclear at lower temperature levels is possible considering that the embrittlement temperature is as low as -110 - C.

Fire Efficiency
Thermoclear sheet has excellent fire practices qualities, as well as receives high ratings in numerous significant European fire performance examinations. Much more comprehensive info is offered from your regional GE Structured Products Solution Centre or authorised dealer.

UL Temperature Ratings UL746B
Underwriters Laboratories
Continuous-use Temperature Rating

Weight Factors
Thermoclear sheet is a suitable replacement for the even more conventional glazing materials. It is secure and also simple to take care of, cut and also install and is basically solid. Its light weight offers significant cost savings in terms of transport, taking care of as well as setup. When compared with 6 mm wired glass, 10 mm Thermoclear sheet offers weight financial savings of greater than 85%.

Thermoclear sheet has shown in many applications that its agility and ease of handling have added to significant cost savings in total setup expenses.

Audio Insulation
The audio insulation characteristics of a material are greatly pre-determined by its stiffness, mass as well as physical building. According to RACKET 52210-75, the maximum obtainable audio transmission course for a particular density of Thermoclear is listed here.

Thickness mmWeight kg/m2
Thermoclear Sheet40.8
101.7 - 2.0
162.7 - 2.9