Thermal Properties of Polycarb Sheets

Sound Reduction Values

Thermoclear Sheet



Thermal Insulation
The multi-wall framework of Thermoclear sheet offers significant advantages where thermal insulation is a significant consideration. The hollow type provides exceptional insulation attributes with heat losses significantly less than mono-wall glazing products. Heat loss is typically described as the K-value, which is the quantity of
energy transmitted through a product each square metre of polishing area and also each degree temperature level difference. It is expressed in regards to W/m2 - K.

Thickness mmSound Reduction dB
Thermoclear4.5 (2RS)4.0
6 (2RS)3.5
8 (2RS)3.3
10 (2RS)3.0
10 (3RS)2.7
10 (3TS)2.7
10 (3X)2.5
16 (3TS)2.4
16 (3X)2.3
20 (5RS)1.8
25 (6RS)1.5
32 (5X)1.4
Thermoclick40 (4X)1.5
40 (4RS)1.7
Thermopanel30 A,B,C,D (4RS/3.6RS)1.9

Installing Thermoclear ahead or behind the existing polished home window supplies extra energy savings. For effective insulation, the best results are acquired when leaving a 20-50 mm air gap between the existing glazing and also the multi-wall sheet.

Double Multi-wall Sheet Units
Extremely low K-values can be gotten by doubleglazed multi-wall sheet devices. A combination of Thermoclear outside as well as Thermoclear sheet inside, with an air gap of 20-50 mm will drastically decrease the heat loss consider applications such as curved and pitched roof lights.

Thermoclear sheet outsideAir gap mmThermoclear sheet insideK-value W/m2•K

Power Loss Calculations

The should decrease energy consumption, as well as a result energy prices, is just one of the greatest concerns in any kind of usiness today. Considerable financial savings of more than 50% are feasible when mounting Thermoclear sheet as opposed to mono-layer glass. When calculating inning accordance with the guidelines given in the CACOPHONY typical 4701, an average annual conserving of in between 0.9 - 1.3 litres of oil or 1.0 - 1.5 m3 of gas per m2 of polishing location will be obtained by lowering the K-value by 0.1 W/m2 - K.

Note: The precise quantity of annual gas cost savings is strongly dependent upon the structure kind, area and also local ecological problems. Regional authority engineering divisions generally have main information relating to ordinary temperature level distinctions throughout the year.